About Us

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about us

Skinny Construction is one of country fastest growing and also most respected industrial development firms. It has experience in the execution of complex projects for construction. The business is powered by world class project management strategies to deliver ‘Forward without Cost Interruption’ works and has unbending efficiency, protection and environmental requirements.

who we are

Skinny Construction  is a diversified group of utilities specialised in roads, highways, flyover & bridges, buildings, electricity & energy, airports, dams, etc. The organisation is accountable for groundbreaking initiatives that have defined the development of the country. Today, the group stands as the leader of the ‘Quick Path’ actual project culture in  construction sector. The Transformation of Problems

We Deliver Best product

Our amazing Team

I would always have a desire to create a construction company powerful enough to curtail many of the traditional ill practises, such as cost and time overruns, quality lapses and other corrupt practices associated with both the profession, because I was associated with the construction project team.The creation of Skinny Construction  came into it with these aims. At the same time, on the basis of success alone, there was a desperate urge to get a place in the market with respect and appreciation.


We have the best construction products.